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JUNE 2022 Gina Viola Mayoral Campaign

Produced Social media clips and live event documentation for social justice LA mayoral candidate. click image for samples


JUNE 2022

Receieved first round of seed funding for animated adaptation of an H.G. wells classic short story. Trailer COMING SOON.


MARCH 2022

Edited a Director's sizzle for a Netflix original show episode.


OCT 2021 Fearhouse - The Invitation

A recently completed original short horror film co-directed by Jonathon and Stacy Dawson Stearns, featuring a cast of 24 fully costumed actors, elaborate sets, stop motion animation. Currently a candidate in the international film festival circuit.


OCT 2021 Jesika Von Rabbit "Desert Dream Center"

Stearns offically was given the editor credit for this dynamic music video from the talented Jesika Von Rabbit, but also made many contributions to the concept and production, and shaped the raw footage into the finished clip.




FALL 2021

Stearns continues the development of SUP, a campaign to confront Single Use Plastic.


April 2021 Movement 4 Solidarity

Actress and activist Vivian Bang created a powerful PSA to confront Asian hate, shot in Los Angeles in Spring of 2021. Channel B4 volunteered to create a short-form documentary about the event.