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NEWS Summer 2019

Interview w Like Machines' Tanner on Rock Titan
in this excerpted clip Tanner gives an overview of how the music video Jonathon Stearns/Channel B4 created for Like Machines happened.


New /Ongoing Projects

Jonathon Stearns Directed and Animated a music video for the band Like Machines, (Madison Records/Red Light Management) for the song "Kaiser." The clip depicts a fictional war monger who sends his army to invade the world. Stearns developed the concept to feature soldiers and weapons from across history to comment on the endlessness of war in human history.


CB4 created part of a training module for United Airlines via CAVU, to illustrate the "Startle Response" and created an animated video that depicts a plane involved in a collision with a drone.



Stearns works regularly with Applied Learning Science, creating video, motion graphics, animations and interactive 360/immersive material for their clients, including TRC and the LACCD, where he is involved with the creation of an Immersive Learning Lab at the Van De Kamp campus of LA Community College. The ILL is developing immersive learning solutions for training in the community college environment using 360, VR and AR.



Stearns created a promo for the new EP "Some Days" put out by Rob Zabrecky/New High Recordings. Jonathon met his long time friend Rob in North Hollywood and they did a Guerilla shoot to get the raw material for the promo, which Stearns also edited and created the effects for. The final was finished in both 16x9 and square (for instagram) formats.



Jonathon created video design for the grand opening party for Golddiggers, a club/boutique hotel and recording studio built on the grounds of the former Ed Wood Studio in Hollywood. Using found and original footage, Stearns infused his own original material with Ed Wood footage, 50s and 60s rock historical footage, vintage 16mm instructional clips, Go- Go dancing (Gold Diggers had previously been a strip bar) and applied a psychedelic treatment.





Stearns adapted a classic sci-fi short story to an (animated) feature script and is currently in production on a sizzle to present for completion funding. Inquiries



Love Gasoline Short Film - materials from the original video design for "Love Gasoline" and new material are being combined into a new short film for Fall release.




Additionally, Stearns is in post for The Los Angeles Poverty Department's (LAPD) recent production "I fly! or How to Keep the Devil Down in the Hole" at the REDCAT theater. CB4 produced a multicamera shoot documenting the live performance. CB4 also edited a sizzle/promo for Big Dance Theater's remounting of Anne Carson's Antigonick, starring his wife Stacy as King Kreon. He also continues to develop material for internal projects, including an animated feature film he is adapting from an HG Wells short story.