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Channel B4 creates original video and multimedia content, featuring the work of Jonathon Stearns.

Original Projects (current/recent)
SCAN is a new original short film animated and directed by Jonathon Stearns.

Site-specific dance piece at the Getty Museum orchestrated by Laurel Jenkins of the Tricia Brown Dance company

DISCO by Jonathon Stearns for CalArts "Leave it Alone"
music video

Protest Crawl at CalArts

"We're All Happy" is a documentary focused on the early 1990s Los Angeles music scene. trailer
Promotional Projects (current/recent)
Voices Up
non-profit arts education platform (promo)
Corsini-Stark Architects
SouthWestern Law School project short documentary

Frau Klunch
A devised persona by Stacy Dawson Stearns
with the Silver Palm Trio video

CalArts School of Theater
Promotional video for CalArts School of Theater
Director Jonathon Stearns Produced by Channel B4


Ann Magnuson's Dream Puppet Theater
web series written by/starring Ann Magnuson, directed and animated by Jonathon Stearns. Trailer and more info

Start to Finish
for Guerdon Modular Buildings
Standard Metal Products
short documentary
concept for web ad
J Stearns Animation Sample Reel J Stearns Motion Graphics Sample Reel
Music Videos/Music Documentary/Promos
Music Video compilation reel Rickie Lee Jones "Falling Up"
Music Video
Music Documentary Shorts
featuring E from the Eels, Cake, Moby
Lutefisk "Doctrine" music video
1st Person Shooter Pong XTC documentary short
Cake documentary short Negativland documentary short
Performance Etc.
Poor Dog Group short Heather Woodbury doc short
Stacy Dawson Stearns - Buck Dance
Brian Brooks Moving Company - Wheel
documentary short